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Did you ever want to take an MBA course in entrepreneurship? Well, we've got the crash course.
On The Shrimp Tank, we interview some of the brightest and best CEO's around the country to
get the executive course on becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Bill McDermott / McDermott Financial Solutions

Bill is the founder and CEO of McDermott Financial Solutions. After three decades working for both national and community banks, Bill uses his expert knowledge to assist closely held companies with growing their business, finding financing, and resolving problem loan negotiations. Continue reading

Whitney & Aaron Howell / Layne Hardwood Flooring Company

Whitney & Aaron Howell started Layne Hardwood Flooring Co. in 2013. Servicing the North Atlanta Area, Layne Hardwood focuses on custom woodworking with high quality craftsmanship. Continue reading

Joseph Hsiao / The Flying Biscuit Franchise Locations

Joseph Hsiao grew up in the restaurant industry working in his parents’ establishment as a child. But his parents, immigrants from Taiwan and owners of an Asian restaurant in the U.S., discouraged him and his brother, Matthew, from following in their footsteps. Continue reading

Leo Gotleib / Bridge Wealth Advisors

Leo entered into the financial services industry in 1983. He is a graduate of Monmouth University where he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a dual concentration in Finance and Management. Continue reading

Kyle Kirkman / Granite Risk Advisors

Kyle Kirman, the owner of Granite Risk Advisors, has 20 years experience in startups and growing sales organizations from the ground up. Continue reading

Tallia Deljou / Mavenly & Co.

Tallia Deljou is the co-founder and president of Mavenly & Co., dedicated to supporting professional women and millennials in designing a career with purpose through coaching programs, retreats, and corporate trainings. Continue reading

Andrew Rudd / DaVinci’s Donuts

Andy Rudd founded Da Vinci’s Donuts in the fall of 2013.  A lawyer for 20 years, Andy has extensive experience handling the marketing and sales of consumer products, along with the operation of facilities that manufacture consumer products.  Mr. Rudd began his career as a patent and trademark attorney. Continue reading

Dan Goodwin / The Shrimp Tank Houston & Provident Wealth Advisors

Daniel C. Goodwin has been serving families and small businesses in The Woodlands community with financial services since 1995.

He is a published author and a regular speaker in his hometown of The Woodlands, Texas. The workshops and seminars he organizes enlists the time and expertise of accredited CPA’s, Tax Attorneys, Asset Managers, Trust Officers, Private Bankers, Estate Planning Attorneys, Financial Planners, and a host of other financial professionals working together to make a difference in our communities across America. Continue reading


Mike Feldberg / The Color Spot

An Atlanta native and entrepreneur, Mike Feldberg began his career at Repro Products, Inc. (RPI), an Atlanta area print provider.  After learning various aspects of the printing business, The Color Spot (TCS) was launched in 2003. Continue reading

Jimmy Ellis/ Jim Ellis Automotive Group

Jimmy is the son of Jim & Billie Ellis.  Jim is the founder of the Jim Ellis Automotive Dealerships Group, a family owned and operated business, proudly serving Atlantans for 44 years. Continue reading