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Josh Whitlock / Trackter

Josh Whitlock grew up on a farm in Coweta County. He has worked in agricultural startups for the last decade and developed growing, harvest, and packing operations from Delaware to Mexico.

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Trey Humphreys / The Fur Bus

Trey, an Atlanta native, is the founder and president of The Fur Bus. He graduated from Auburn University and was the mascot for the Atlanta Falcons for 12 years. Always the entertainer, he currently owns The Pool Hall which is the oldest and most frequented bar in Buckhead. Continue reading

Daniel Puder / My Life My Power

Daniel is an advocate for public education and he believes that his purpose in life is to inspire youth of all ages to lead significant and purpose driven lives!He is an author, professional speaker, and professional athlete, all of which play a key role in his unique approach to working alongside youth, parents, educators, community members and business leaders in order to provide long term and sustainable results within our schools and communities. Continue reading

Tim Ray / United Intentions Foundation

After receiving his degrees in Business Management and Psychology, Tim began his career as an entrepreneur in the senior care industry and eventually opened his own business. Continue reading

Nathan Pearson / Independent Dealers Advantage, LLC

Nathan Pearson is the COO of Independent Dealers Advantage, LLC (IDA), a subprime automobile finance company. IDA is committed to helping subprime customers reestablish credit and get out of the bad credit cycle. Continue reading

Joe Ferrari / UPS Store – Canton, GA

Joe Ferrari is a franchise owner of The UPS Store in Canton, GA. Joe wanted to be back in the small business space after his last company sold to a global organization. Once he was removed from working hand in hand with his customers, Joe knew he wouldn’t be happy and turned to The UPS Store franchise to find a new opportunity. Continue reading

Jennifer Miotke / Eight at Eight Dinner Club & One on One Matchmaking

Jennifer Barnes Miotke brings a true passion for bringing people together and has worked in the dating industry for over 11 years in Atlanta. What makes her unique as a matchmaker is that she was an experienced dater and used dating services, dated online and met her husband through a matchmaker. Continue reading

Matthew May / Acuity

Matthew May is the Founder and COO of Acuity, an innovative accounting services company that builds scalable accounting processes for growing businesses. On a mission to translate accounting and bookkeeping for entrepreneurs, Matthew has helped over 1,000 companies through a full range of financial solutions Continue reading

Bill McDermott / McDermott Financial Solutions

Bill is the founder and CEO of McDermott Financial Solutions. After three decades working for both national and community banks, Bill uses his expert knowledge to assist closely held companies with growing their business, finding financing, and resolving problem loan negotiations. Continue reading

Whitney & Aaron Howell / Layne Hardwood Flooring Company

Whitney & Aaron Howell started Layne Hardwood Flooring Co. in 2013. Servicing the North Atlanta Area, Layne Hardwood focuses on custom woodworking with high quality craftsmanship. Continue reading