The Shrimp Tank - Columbus
The Shrimp Tank - Columbus
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Brad Schneider / The Growth Coach

I’m Brad Schneider and I opened this business because I wanted to help businesses in my community to have a greater impact on their communities and to help the people within those businesses improve their own quality of life.

For over 22 years, I have facilitated individual growth to spur organizational growth.

Owners, Executives, Front-line leaders, and Sales professionals in manufacturing, retail, non-profit, government, professional services, and technology sectors have changed their behaviors and achieved greater results with my services. I focus on guiding clients to customized, practical solutions that spark action and sustain improvements and growth.

The key to changing any organization is to facilitate the change through the people. If the employees are on board and want to see the company succeed, anything is possible. It’s also requires keeping the leaders within the organization focused and engaged. The Growth Coach’s industry-leading philosophy emphasizes the power of people and passion and I am looking forward to working with you.

Owners, Executives, Leaders, and Salespeople all benefit from my practical approach to driving behavior changes that get results for your organization.

Contact me today to see how The Growth Coach can make a difference in your organization and your life.



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Brad Schneider / The Growth Coach