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Angelo Christian - Owner of Christian Financial

Angelo Christian / Christian Financial

Christian Financial was founded in 2005 and is a Diversified Investment Holding’s Company. They engage in Proprietary Trading, Private Equity and Mortgage Banking. They are a Mortgage Service Provider focusing on loan origination of residential loans in the United States. They do purchase loans, refinance and reverse mortgage. Their Vision is to Build a Multibillion Dollar Mortgage Company funding 1,000 loans per month! From the origination of the loan to funding they oversee the entire process. Application, Credit/Income Analysis, Rate Lock, Appraisal Order and Funding. Their Firm trades with its capital in the futures and derivatives market. They seek maximum returns with higher risk instruments with high degrees of probability with very limited amounts of capital. Christian Financial is always looking for great investment opportunities in Apartment Real Estate or Established Businesses that wish to transfer ownership but carry on the legacy.



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ANGELO CHRISTIAN / Christian Financial

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