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Arkansas Episode 77 - Lee Welfel - Eagle Bank Mortgage & Trust

Lee Welfel / Eagle Bank Mortgage & Trust

Lee Welfel is a seasoned mortgage lending specialist and the President of Mortgage Lending, for Eagle Bank & Trust. His unique approach revolves around educating his clients on integrating their mortgage into their overall financial plan. He understands your mortgage is going to be one of the largest financial decisions you make in your lifetime, therefore your mortgage plan needs to be treated just as importantly as any other large financial decision you make. In 2013, Lee wrote and published “THE MORTGAGE BOOK” because he realized homebuyers need more education on the overall financing process. Since Lee joined Eagle Bank in 2014, Eagle Bank Mortgage has grown from three employees to almost 100 and is now one of the largest mortgage loan originators in the state of Arkansas. A big believer in self-improvement, Lee prides himself on reading a book a week. He resides in Maumelle, Arkansas, with his wife, Kelly, and sons, Dylan and Hudson.



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Lee Welfel / Eagle Bank Mortgage & Trust

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