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Arkansas Episode 78 - Jennifer Hopp - ATO Ventures

Jennifer Hopp / ATO Ventures

Jennifer began investing in the capital markets at age 19, while an undergrad at UC Berkeley and Oxford University. She became an LP in an early stage Venture Capital fund at age 23. Several years later, Jennifer become a Venture Partner with Outsell, and then an active startup Advisor and Angel Investor. She founded ATO Ventures in 2018.

As an entrepreneur, Jennifer started her first company at age 8, but she officially became a tax-paying citizen at age 10. (You can read more about that at After college, she was a testifying & consulting Commercial Damages Expert before returning to her passion – entrepreneurship! She founded her software company, WeMakeItSafer, shortly after business school, also completed at UC Berkeley. After launching in 2011, the company was acquired in 2016.



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Jennifer Hopp / ATO Ventures

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