Atlanta Episode 186 – Radford Slough – Long Term Planning

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Radford Slough / Farm Cannabis GA

Radford Slough was born on March 2, 1960 in Starkville, MS (Mississippi State University). His father started the first farm raised catfish business in the US in 1969 in the Mississippi Delta. Radford worked on the farm for several summers while growing up. He went to a combination of public and private schools in grades 1-12. He received 2 degrees from Mississippi State Univ. in 1983 – BS in Computer Science and BBA in Marketing.  He uses his marketing degree EVERY day.

Radford’s first job was working for a MS bank running the bank’s outsourced General Ledger. As of his exist from the bank he was running 22 banks and their holding company’s General Ledger. In 1985 he started working for General Dynamics (GD) in the F-16 program’s IT department. He quickly became a project lead and educator for GD. In 1987 he moved into consulting but was immediately hired by a software company (Pansophic – now part of Computer Associates) to move to Australia to work for them. He was working with the software package (Telon).  He had learned and taught the use of Telon at GD.

Upon return from Australia 2 years later, he worked for the same software company throughout the US based out of Dallas. After approx. 1 year back in the US he went back into consulting. He continued consulting with a VERY diverse set of clients – Exxon, Texas Petroleum, Texaco, Reebok and International Paper to name a few. In late 1999 post his Y2K work at International Paper, he joined a small software company in Austin.

In early 2011 he left the software business completely and started managing a multi-million dollar private portfolio. He found that job a bit unchallenging (boring) so took an afternoon job working at the gym he frequented for working out. In 2002 the gym failed (PE Midtown) and he with a minority business partner bought out the gym. Immediately did a complete rebranding to Urban Body Fitness (UBF).  Ten’ish years ago he bought out his minority business partner and has been running the gym as the owner/manager until January 2018.  UBF is still located in Midtown Atlanta. In 2018 he promoted 2 employees to co-Manager positions. 2018 was a year to train his replacement for day to day operations.  Since the beginning of 2019 the co-managers have been running the daily operations.

In late 2018 he decided to look into a new “adventure” and cannabis seemed to be a good challenging fit. In January 2019 he formed Farm Cannabis GA. He immediately started a crash “course” to learn everything about the Marijuana cultivation and extraction business he could. As to this writing he has hired 2 employees for “The Farm” and is interview for other positions.

Personal Position – Education is the ONLY way to get ahead.  Be it through traditional school system, vocational school, or as an apprentice…. learning new things keeps the mind sharp.


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Radford Slough / Farm Cannabis GA