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Atlanta Episode 219 - Gene Gordon - Maximize Your Investment Returns

Gene Gordon / PensionQuote

Gene Gordon, founder and CEO of PensionQuote,™ is a nationally-recognized leader in tax-leveraged, qualified plans, and an industry expert who specializes in helping entrepreneurs, corporations, and business owners implement proprietary tax strategies that allow them to pay the least amount of taxes. He has provided these exclusive services to some of America’s largest financial institutions—such as the Financial Advisers of Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo.

His creative designs and decades of experience with these tax-saving plans have made him a “go-to” consultant for highly successful companies and entrepreneurs for whom he has implemented tens of thousands of plans nationwide for over 40-years. A respected industry innovator, Gene pioneered “Owner-leveraged Defined Benefit Plans”, and “Insured Cash Balance Plans” and is a sought-after financial industry speaker on those topics.

But this veteran doesn’t rest on his laurels, tapping into his creative and intuitive corporate personality to constantly invent fresh, cutting-edge tax solutions in the industry. To him and his team, there is no such thing as an old client because existing clients get the latest, modern approaches. Some of his proprietary proven methodologies include:

  • How To Retire On The Money You Didn’t Pay Uncle Sam™
  • Never Defer A Tax Refund™
  • The Capsule Plan™
  • UltraComp™ Exit Strategies
  • Don’t Give the IRS A Tax Refund™



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Gene Gordon / PensionQuote