Atlanta Episode 220 – Michael Fusco – Recovering When Disaster Strikes

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Michael Fusco / WorldClaim

Licensed as a public adjuster since 1979, Michael Fusco, CEO of WorldClaim, has been considered worldwide as one of the leaders of the public adjusting industry, specializing in the preparation and presentation of complex commercial insurance claims for governments, institutions, and businesses.

Michael has been hired by numerous municipal and state entities, including the state of Mississippi, the British Virgin Islands Ports Authority, Airport Authority, Power Authority, Hospital, and Social Security Board, as well as Grady Hospital, the fifth largest public hospital in the United States. Michael specializes in designing strategic solutions inside the terms and conditions of a policy to assist the policyholder through the claims process.

Michael educates students at the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, and University of Alabama as a recurring guest lecturer on the topics of insurance, risk management, and claim settlements. He is a requested advisor to government entities following significant natural disasters on how to adopt policies that protect the community from unfair insurance practices during the claim process.

In his forty years as a licensed public adjuster, Michael has designed claim strategy that won a Georgia Supreme Court case, expanded his industry to five continents, and successfully negotiated more than $1B in claim settlements on behalf the insured.



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Michael Fusco / WorldClaim