Atlanta Episode 240 – Cory Atkinson – Go to Market Every Day

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Cory Atkinson / Owner of Elemental Spirits Co

Cory Atkinson is the owner of Elemental Spirits Co., a new boutique bottle shop in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood of Atlanta. Opened in February 2020, Elemental Spirits Co. specializes in small-batch spirits, natural/low-intervention wines, and local craft beers.

With a degree in business from Georgia Tech, Cory started his retail career with retail giant Macy’s, transitioning to ecommerce with, and finally working as an Amazon consultant to a variety of small and big name brands throughout the world.

Blending a background in retail and e-commerce with his passion for the art and craft of creating, making, and perfecting alcohol, Cory opened Elemental Spirits Co. with a focus on customer education and experience. Too often, what’s in a glass is mere manufactured product that is stripped of its history and character, and fueled by product placements and celebrity endorsements. At Elemental Spirits Co., the focus is on sharing about the products and producers that are kicking ass: the ones that are doing things the way their families have done before them for generations; the ones that have studied under masters and honed their craft but added their own spin; the ones that frankly give a damn and don’t have enough marketing dollars to tell you about it. Elemental Spirits Co. exists to tell their stories to the thirsty and curious.



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Lee Heisman / Savant CTS

Cory Atkinson / Elemental Spirits Co