Atlanta Episode 244 – Tiffany Lopez – Do A Lot With A Little

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Tiffany Lopez / Owner of Barista Lab

Tiffany Lopez is a young serial entrepreneur with a passion for well brewed coffee. She began her journey by training with the 2010 World Champion Barista and has since founded several companies that have shaped the trends of home brewing and the specialty coffee industry.

Tiffany’s most notable venture, Barista Lab, manufactures a selection of premium equipment as well as offers top of the line brands through an ecommerce experience. In addition, Barista Lab provides an interactive customer service team to ensure each customer achieves their best brew. She used her extensive knowledge to revolutionize the education of home brewing and offer superior quality products.

Her expertise from founding and running a multitude of successful companies including multimillion dollar Fulfillment By Amazon brands (FBA) has led her to found Posh Inc., where Tiffany and her team advise other business owners on navigating third party platforms, insights and strategy for dominating marketplaces.



Ted Jenkin / Oxygen Financial

Lee Heisman / Savant CTS

Tiffany Lopez / Barista Lab