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The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
BC Fitness Studio - Educating, Inspiring, and Empowering

Brett Clark / Founder and Lead Coach of BC Fitness Studio

Brett Clark, founder and lead coach at BC Fitness Studio has been involved in fitness personally and professionally for over 15 years. He met his wife and co-founder, Chelsea, a former bikini competitor, thru the world of fitness. Through personal and professional education, Brett and Chelsea are making the choice to step away from their careers in retail management to take on more fulfilling roles in the health and wellness ofothers.

Although the general concepts and principles for their business model were put into motion years before, it took the Covid Pandemic, however, to convince them to explore their entrepreneurial spirit. BC Fitness strives to create an environment that is based upon educating, empowering, and inspiring through private,personalized one-on-one coaching either in person or through virtual experience. They act as consultants for businesses who are interested in getting information to their employees about the benefits of staying healthy and maintaining positive mental health, especially during this “work from home” climate. They serve as resources for seniors and senior living communities to educate and instruct seniors in the benefit of integrated flexibility and balance training. They provide resources for health cooking ideas through their studio’s “Fit By Fork” YouTube series and a streaming workout sessions called “Sweat With Brett.” In essence, Brett and Chelsea like to say that they are helping to create a “Movement movement.”


BC Fitness Contact Information:

facebook: BC Fitness Studio (business page)
facebook: Brett BC Fit (personal/professional page)
YouTube: BC Fitness Studio
Google: BC Fitness Studio Silverdale



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