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Boca Raton Episode 106 - Shay Rowbottom, Ellie Vail, Manish Hirapara, & Nicole Martins

This week in Boca Raton, we present to you the ninth episode of their Fireside Chat series. Joined by the owners of Ellie Vail Jewelry, PeakActivity, The Martins Law Firm, & Shay Rowbottom Marketing, this is a series where business owners discuss strategies of how to survive and perhaps even thrive in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic. No matter what kind of business you own, we have the tips and tricks you need to make it through to the other side.







Shay Rowbottom / Founder of Shay Rowbottom Marketing

Shay Rowbottom is a LinkedIn influencer and digital marketing entrepreneur, specializing in creating social media video content to attract attention and bring more eyeballs to your business.

I believe there’s still few people in the world who truly understand social media video marketing and the logic behind it.” -Shay Rowbottom.

Through her unique background working in video licensing, Shay cultivated a specific, but rare, expertise on how and why something is destined to go viral. Her first agency specialized in curating, licensing, editing, and distributing custom video clips, tailored to her client’s audience, and her clients were among the highest performing blogs on Facebook.

Throughout the three years Shay worked on Facebook, she had amassed billions of impressions, aka data, on video content. She forged relationships with over 5,000 content owners across the globe, distributed tens of thousands of video clips throughout the platform, and at her peak she was averaging over 1 Billion views per month on Facebook for her clients.

This led to doing marketing for product companies as well, and utilizing the blog owner’s followings to post more direct ads on consumer products. Her team would then take the data accumulated from organic video content, and run retargeting campaigns through Facebook ads manager, reaching the right buyers and increasing sales for the product companies.

In May of 2018, Shay decided to take everything she’d learned and apply it to her own personal brand, on LinkedIn, in an attempt to get more leads for her Facebook agency at the time.

What she found was not only leads, but an insanely low competition rate on LinkedIn when it came to creating video content. She quickly realized the opportunity on LinkedIn for organic growth was incomparable to other platforms, and within 6 months of creating videos consistently for her page, had grown to over 25,000+ followers and generated over 2 Million video views on LinkedIn.

It was around that time she decided to call it quits at her first agency. She sold her shares and pivoted completely, to found a new video marketing agency, specializing in helping business owners attract their target market and close more deals through the use of organic video content, specifically on the LinkedIn platform.

You can follow Shay’s company page on LinkedIn for free video marketing tips weekly:



Ellie Vail / Founder of Ellie Vail Jewelry

Ellie Vail Jewelry was founded in 2014 after former celebrity stylist Ellie Vail took the entrepreneurial leap and started designing jewelry full time. Ellie’s experience in the fashion industry and risk-taking mentality has contributed largely to her success. Ellie Vail Jewelry is designed for the everyday woman with a mix of classic and trend inspired styles. Her pieces are made from hypoallergenic materials and are water resistant.

After the realization that stainless steel cuticle cutters did not rust when left in water, Ellie set out to create a line of jewelry using that very same material, but plated in 18k gold. Finally, she was able to say goodbye to low quality fashion jewelry and painful skin irritations! Within a few years, she’s built a brand that is sold in over 500 different retailers worldwide including Revolve, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom.

Her pieces have been coveted by countless celebrities and have been featured in some of the industries top magazines. She’ll be the first to tell you to work hard, stay humble and most importantly, ALWAYS push forward. After all, pushing forward is her brands motto, which is represented by the signature arrow found in the logo and most Ellie Vail pieces.



Manish Hirapara / Founder of PeakActivity

Manish is the Founder & CEO of PeakActivity. He combines a strong business acumen with deep knowledge of technology, data, and marketing, creating superior business outcomes through the application of digital tools, technology, and processes. Within the last four years, he has been able to change the digital roadmaps for companies that include leaders in the beverage, furniture, energy, education, and shipping industries.

Before starting PeakActivity, Manish held leadership positions at a Fortune 100 retailer, with responsibilities as the global retail and eCommerce lead, overseeing $7 billion of P&L accountability for direct-to-consumer, business-to-business, and online channels. He was responsible for the core eCommerce website functionality, site usability and conversion analytics, business unit growth strategy, technology strategy, and omnichannel operational success.

About PeakActivity

PeakActivity is a technology and marketing consultancy focused on helping enterprises achieve long-term, profitable, and scalable growth through better insights, superior talent, and game-changing technology. Utilizing a three-step approach (Dream, Deliver, Elevate), we partner with enterprises to accelerate growth through digital innovation while working in a highly communicative, embedded team model. That means clients get dedicated, cross-functional teams that work in tandem with client resources to deliver quick wins tied to long-term strategy. We lead strategic and tactical efforts, while providing status updates every step of the way. We take pride in not only delivering innovation, but in finding and nurturing great talent with diverse professional backgrounds. Together, our expertise is broad and deep, spanning a range of industries and offering a wellspring of experience in design, engineering, technology, and marketing.



Nicole Martins / Founder of The Martins Law Firm

Nicole Martins founded The Martins Law Firm and her practice focuses on Estate Planning, Probate, Asset Protection, and Civil Litigation. Nicole is dedicated to protecting domestic and foreign families’ assets to ensure they will give what they want to whom they want when they want, through her unique legacy planning. 

Prior to founding The Martins Law Firm, Nicole was a trial attorney involved in all stages of litigation from strategy development, discovery, depositions, settlement negotiations, and motion practice through trial. Nicole has served on trial teams in complex wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits that resulted in verdicts favoring her clients. 

Nicole was born in Florida, but spent a portion of her childhood in Brazil, and is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. 

She is admitted to practice in the State of Florida, the United States District for the Southern District of Florida, and before the United States Supreme Court.

When she is not helping families protect their children and their assets, you can find her photographing her kids, chasing her kids at the beach, or whipping up a delicious meal to enjoy with her husband…after the kids are asleep.



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