Boca Raton Episode 116 – Geoffrey Schmidt – Founder/Owner at Florida Salt Scrubs
Boca Raton

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Geoffrey Schmidt / Founder & Owner at Florida Salt Scrubs

Geoffrey Schmidt started and founded Florida Salt Scrubs Working together with local partners and ingredients supplied by mother nature, our globally renowned salt scrubs and premium quality skin care products are crafted with care using our own original recipes. These recipes have never been shared until now.

For good reason too, because to our knowledge, there are no other salt scrubs and or skin care products available made quite like the way we have ours.

For example, take a brief moment to consider the journey that a single jar of our authentic Florida Salt Scrubs goes through to arrive in your hands. . . It all starts with sourcing pure mineral rich sea salt crystals.



Jason Hill / Client Focused Advisors

Kevin Cox / Adams Center for Entrepreneurship at FAU

Geoffrey Schmidt / Florida Salt Scrubs