Boca Raton Episode 120 – Zappy Zapolin – Founder of Mind Army / Co-Founder of KetaMD
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Zappy Zapolin / Founder of Mind Army & Co-Founder of KetaMD

Michael “Zappy” Zapolin is best known for his popular film, “The Reality of Truth,” which focuses on the importance of going inside one’s own mind for answers and healing. Featuring interviews with top leaders including Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, and Marianne Williamson, the film explores the relationship between spirituality, religion, meditation, and plant medicine, and continues to inspire millions of people.

For the film, Zappy won the Amsterdam Film Festival’s Van Gogh Award for Documentary Directing. Playboy Magazine called him “The Man Who Wants to Change the World with Psychedelics.”

His latest film, “Lamar Odom: Reborn”documents the psychedelic intervention Zappy gave basketball star Lamar Odomover the last two years using the breakthrough treatments of ketamine and ibogaine, showcasing his complete transformation from public breakdown, depression, and addiction to a healthy and thriving lifestyle.

Zappy is the founder of the Mind Army social movement which fights for the right to pursue happiness. The Mind Army is asking the President to sign an Executive Order making psychedelics legal for triaging the S.A.D epidemics: Suicide, Addiction, and Depression. The Mind Army believes it is every human being’s inalienable right to use these highly effective medicines to treat depression and addiction in this crisis moment.

Zappy also co-founded The Ketamine Fund, which provides free ketamine treatments to veterans suffering from PTSD or those having suicidal ideations. The mission is to lower suicide rates in the U.S. by 75%.

Zappy is often called on as a “psychedelic concierge” to help celebrities, thought leaders, and business icons have a conscious transformation.He is also the creator of the Harvard Business School elective “eBusiness” and recently moderated a first-of-its-kind panel at the Milken Global Conference titled, “Highs and Lows of the Cannabis Economy.” Zappy is the visionary behind such internet brands as,,,,, and



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Zappy Zapolin / Mind Army & KetaMD