Boca Raton Episode 56 – David Parshenkov & Ahmed Bekhit – CEO & CTO of Magic Studio
Boca Raton

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David Parshenkov / Magic Studio

David is Parshenkov is a 25 year old FAU Graduate who’s passions include social interactions, gaming, computer vision and machine learning. He has been featured in national and local news media and has won several national and collegiate business and engineering competitions.






Ahmed Bekhit / Magic Studio

Ahmed Bekhit is a 20 year old college dropout who is a three time winner of the Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference Scholarship. Has been featured in national publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Stanford Computer Science, and many others for his programming and engineering abilities.







Kevin Cox / Adams Center for Entrepreneurship at FAU

Steven Fleisher / Two Degrees App

David Parshenkov / Magic Studio

Ahmed Bekhit / Magic Studio