Boca Raton Episode 68 – Sean Rebecchini – Founder of Primo Digital Agency
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Sean Rebecchini / Primo Digital Agency

Sean Rebecchini better known as Sean Reb has become a staple in the Palm Beach Marketing & Event world. Italian born and raised in the Boynton Beach area he has produced giant weekly events, concerts, brunches, and bar crawls throughout Palm Beach county. Clematis Street, Atlantic Ave, and Downtown at the Gardens have all been influenced by his productions over the years. In this line of work, he discovered the insights and secrets to the art of Social Media Marketing and Digital Ads. Realizing that he couldn’t keep doing giant parties to fund his lifestyle forever, he went back to the drawing board and discovered how to use the internet to help any business in his area. Rebecchini Enterprises & Primo digital marketing agency specialize in going in to the back end of these giant tech platforms and getting clients new customers very quickly.  He was widely known as the hardest working promotions expert in Palm Beach and now he is widely known as the hardest working marketing agent for local businesses. Great content, great videos, and highly targeted ads are what the company is really known for currently. Of course, there are still some big parties he hosts like Lynora’s famous Sunday Brunch and the huge Comic Crawl Bar Crawl coming up on August 17th.

The Digital Agency was really a way for him to keep doing what he loves without having to be up all night. Hitting 30 years old was a time of change for his life having started his event business before the age of 18! Just like many other entrepreneurs there comes a time to figure out what’s next for them and their family. A Digital Marketing Agency was the perfect fit for him and he would love to help others through the Shrimp Tank to learn more about getting new customers or creating their own Marketing business.



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Jason Hill / Client Focused Advisors

Sean Rebecchini / Primo Digital Agency