Boca Raton Episode 74 – Jesse Cervone & Matt Cervone – OTD
Boca Raton

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Jesse Cervone / OTD

I am proud to be the 3rd Generation of family members to help run OTD. I now serve as our VP of Operations and serve as Head of Sales. From working in the warehouse then to be a driver, and a part of the customer service team I have worked in every aspect of our company which gives me the fullest understating of how we can better add value and be a resource to our clients. We aim to offer the highest level of service at the best price. I love working at OTD and I am sure you’ll love working with us too!






Matt Cervone / OTD

I have the great honor of serving OTD as our CEO. My father started this company in 1981 and over the years we have been able to adapt our business to the ever-changing environment of the South Florida business landscape. I love working with my family and when you work with us you get to join the family too! I started working with my dad 33 years ago and I am looking forward to what the next 33 years working with my son looks like.







Kevin Cox / Adams Center for Entrepreneurship at FAU

Jason Hill / Client Focused Advisors

Jesse Cervone / OTD

Matt Cervone / OTD