The Shrimp Tank Podcast Boca Raton - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast Boca Raton - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Boca Raton Episode 84 - Ilyse Terri - Founder and CEO of I Group Ventures, Inc.

Ilyse Terri / I Group Ventures, Inc.

Originally from South Africa, Ilyse hails from a long line of Entrepreneurs and Lawyers (one of which is the founder of Lion Country Safari in Florida). Ilyse brings over 20 years of Marketing, Branding, Business and Advertising experience not only through a formal education, but also by holding in-house positions at small, medium and large corporations such as Viacom/Nickelodeon, United Talent Agency and Thompson Hotels.

Ilyse is a visionary who is able to see gaps in Markets before they happen and is a tremendous Idea’s person and Executor with various ventures and lucrative incubation projects currently in the works. Ilyse and her team have founded, designed, branded, developed and run I Group Ventures Inc. into what it is today: I Group Ventures, Inc., is the parent company of Ilyse Terri, LLC, and other subsidiaries, such as Our Group Ventures, Inc., a think tank with numerous incubation projects currently in development; and THE REVIEW, an online publication and blog that provides snack-able content on a monthly basis.

Ilyse Terri LLC is a full service, 360-degree Advertising and Creative Agency, specializing in marketing, branding, digital and creative for medium and large brands and corporate accounts. In addition, I Group Inc. is currently launching Mothership: a new disruptive venture servicing the entrepreneurial community by providing a la carte creative and professional services, and more. Mothership proudly partners with Red Giant, its philanthropy arm that aims to raise the economic output of underdeveloped communities. Ilyse has engaged and worked in every aspect of Advertising, Marketing and Branding industries throughout her extensive career. She is an innovator, businesswoman, artist, wife, mother, and revolutionary pioneer. Ilyse currently lives in South Florida with her family.



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Ilyse Terri / I Group Ventures, Inc.