The Shrimp Tank Podcast Boca Raton - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast Boca Raton - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Boca Raton Episode 85 - Molly Dare Hillenbrand - Founder of HillenBRAND Media

Molly Dare Hillenbrand / HillenBRAND Media

MOLLY DARE HILLENBRAND is known for her fun and outgoing presence on camera as well as being a PR powerhouse! Founder ofhillenBRAND Media, she focuses on Producing social media segments showcasing people and theirbrands/businesses all over the world.

Molly hails from Princeton, New Jersey and has called both New York City and Chicago home beforemoving to South Florida in 2016. She started her professional career at Goldman Sachs in NYC, movedon to the PR world in the music industry and after her twobeautiful children were born, she opened twosuccessful luxury children’s clothing stores in NJ and Chicago.

Her greatest love is her two children and she is a passionate philanthropist spending many yearsfundraising for Operation Smile and on numerouscommittees for local charities.Molly is a staple in the south Florida social scene while dividing her time between South Florida andChicago for her role as TV Host for the Eye On Channels.-always on the hunt to bring you the best ofthe best in up andcoming brands, businesses and people.

Molly is currently Executive Producer of the Amazon Prime DocuSeries ‘The Social Movement’ featuringEntrepreneurs & Business Owners from all over the world to participate along with 40 other incredibleminds to solvea global issue in 4 days.



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Molly Dare Hillenbrand / HillenBRAND Media