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Boca Raton Episode 86 - William De Temple – President of 9 Figure Company

William De Temple / 9 Figure Company

Mr. De Temple has established a track record of over 40 years of progressive executive management accomplishments in a number of industries starting in international trade.  He has broad experience in domestic and international operations. He has successfully defined new markets and started or built companies whose products and services fill a wide variety of client requirements.

Mr. De Temple has a proven track record for successfully managing complex projects, recruiting and leading strong executive management teams.  He has a conceptual talent for seeing both “the forest AND the trees” pinpointing organizational objectives, team building, and for setting and accomplishing ambitious goals, priorities and objectives.  He demonstrates an ability to work tirelessly to establish a consensus of ideas when developing operational plans.

His senior executive experience includes management, marketing, sales, strategic planning, competitive market development, and the balanced management of rapid growth companies.Most recently, Mr. De Temple has been developing the foundation for Antirion, and prior to this, he was the President of Maximize Management, LLC where he built a substantial team of senior executives focused on turning around financially distressed companies. He was President of BP International, LLC (a small cap publically traded company), UNEFI, Inc., REST Inc., SAIS, Inc. and Aggressive Marketing, Inc. BP International was a manufacturer and a construction company that was in financial distress when Mr. De Temple was recruited to turn it around.  As a small cap public company post SOX,    He was responsible for insuring it met all the SEC regulations.

UNEFI was a service company that Mr. De Temple grew to over 135 employees with over $800,000 in monthly revenue growing exponentially in its first eight months.REST designed and developed high-tech peripherals for the retail industry.  He managed product and business development.  He was successful in obtaining commitments from ten of the major U.S. retail supermarket chains to test the new products.  He was personally responsible for the largest order received by REST, which was for $44 million.  In its third year in business, REST booked over $65 million in orders.  Then he took the company through the IPO process.

SAIS was a manufacturing company in the automotive aftermarket.  It had seventeen patented products that it took to market which grabbed significant market share and accelerated the company through rapid growth. Aggressive Marketing started as an import company and grew into doing some of its own manufacturing.  Seven years after it was started, it exceeded $12 million in revenue with over twenty percent EBITDA when a strategic buyer made an offer Mr. De Temple could not refuse.  This changed his career from the long term building of a company to building companies with the intention of designing them for sale.

In addition to these companies, Mr. De Temple was instrumental in helping numerous other companies through trials and tribulations including financial distress, restructuring, product development, marketing and sales growth and much more.

“I’ve worked with William De Temple for more than twenty five years as a fellow member of a CEO roundtable, then as a member of his corporate advisory board.  William is a rare breed of business people, capable of hatching and nurturing great ideas that turn into great enterprises. There are few individuals you’ll ever meet with more determination to get the job done, the vision realized, the customer satisfied and anxious for more.”

– Dave Berkus – Managing Partner, Kodiak Ventures, L.P.

“I have sat across the table from William De Temple as a senior lender during complex negotiations.  My experience is that William is a tireless, tenacious, turnaround specialist with excellent communication and listening skills, and that he puts his fiduciary duty to his shareholders and stakeholders above all else.”

– Dr. Jonathan P. Knight, President, CTI Capital Management


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William De Temple / 9 Figure Company