Boca Raton Episode 97 – Jeff Levine – Co-Founder, President, and Chief Extract Officer of Raw Juce
Boca Raton

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Jeff Levine / Raw Juce

Jeff is an experienced Founder with a demonstrated 30+ years of experience working in the restaurant industry. Skilled in negotiation, business planning, operations management, coaching, and concept creation, Jeff is a strong entrepreneurship professional with a CFE focused in franchising and franchise operations from Nova Southeastern University. He serves as Raw Juce’s Co-Founder, President, and Chief Extract Officer. He is also the CEO and Founder of Salad Creations, the Founder and Co-Creator of Brother Jimmy’s BBQ in New York and The Bay Club in the Hamptons, and the Founder of Lulu’s Bait Shack.





Jason Hill / Client Focused Advisors

Roland Kidwell / Adams Center for Entrepreneurship at FAU

Jeff Levine / Raw Juce