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Are you a financial advisor, RIA, or an insurance agent and wanting to learn how to host a podcast to meet some of the best business owners and CEO’s in your area?

Are you looking to expand your business footprint in the entrepreneur community where you live and explode your social media presence.

The Shrimp Tank is located in many cities now and we are looking for the brightest and best financial advisors to start a show in their city.

The Shrimp Tank comes with:

  • A fully set up podcasting studio in your office
  • A turnkey cradle to grave manual on how to do the show
  • Scripts that are compliance ready and friendly
  • A complete technology team for video and audio editing
  • A world class social media team

If you want to go after BIG clients and explode your business, this is the revolutionary marketing concept for you.

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What Is The Shrimp Tank?
The Shrimp Tank is a nationally syndicated podcast on iHeart RADIO where local owners and top entrepreneurs around the country are interviewed about the business of being an entrepreneur. The podcast highlights teaching current entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs about what it takes to be successful in business.
How Does The Shrimp Tank Help Me Grow My Business?

The Shrimp Tank is both a content play and business development play as a marketing opportunity. It allows you to meet the top entrepreneurs and owner in your geographic area and directly solicit them to become a client. It also centers you as a staple of the business community along with opportunities to pair up with a local college/university that offers a major or minor in.

Will I Need A Production Team For The Show?

For this to be successful in your city, you generally need a co-host (does not have to be someone from your office), a producer (any staff person can usually do this), and a dedicated space to do the podcast. Our team edits and produces all the shows, maintains the website, and handles the social media. We also have a monthly call with all Shrimp Tank hosts to review what’s working and best practices.

How much does it cost?
It can cost as little as $499/month. However, our hosts often offset their monthly expenses with digital advertising and sponsorships.
Do I need to buy equipment?

Yes, you would have a one-time cost for podcast equipment, but we’ll handle purchasing and installing all equipment, along with training you and your staff on how to use the equipment.

Will you train me and my staff?

Yes! We will send technicians onsite to train you and your staff. We also have detailed manuals and our team is always available to answer any questions that you have.

How Many Shrimp Tank Shows Can Be In One Geographic Area?

We generally look to have only one show per city (and keep a strict mileage radius), however there may be some densely populated areas such as New York City where a show in Manhattan and a show in Brooklyn might make sense.

How do I make money from this?

There are several ways you will be able to recoup your expenses and make a profit through our model. Beyond the digital advertising and sponsorship revenue that you earn from your episodes, you’ll be able to pitch your services to your guests.

How Do I Handle This With My Compliance Department?

If you are a financial advisor, we have developed a complete compliance manual and it is recommended you list this as an Outside Business Activity. Since we do not discuss anything securities related on the program, we have found compliance departments from large companies (such as Ameriprise) and independent broker dealers (such as LPL) have accepted this marketing concept.