Boston Episode 15 – Frank Fumich – CEO of Express Catering, Inc.

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Frank Fumich / Express Catering, Inc.

Frank Fumich earned his Bachelors degree in Business and Finance from West Virginia University in 1992.  He always had a head for business. Even before graduating from WVU, Frank went into business as a partner in a food service establishment at Washington National Airport. Upon graduating from West Virginia University, Mr. Fumich began to manage that food court restaurant which was located at Ronald Reagan National Airport. While running that very successful location, he became engrossed in the airline environment and began work as a part-time airline employee to get familiar with all aspects of the business.



It was during those early years when he saw a need for another player in the airline catering business and In 2000 he created Express Catering, Inc., in hopes of filling that need. His business goal was to better serve regional aircraft in a more professional and efficient manner.

When Mr. Fumich began his business, he was the only employee, working in one truck, in one location. Now 17 years later, Express Catering has grown to employ over 160 employees, has a 35+ catering truck fleet, operates in 3 cities and services upwards of 800 flights per day.

In his personal life, Mr. Fumich is a dedicated husband, loving father, and extreme ultra-endurance athlete. He is an adventurer at heart. He believes the human spirit soars when it is challenged. This belief has him traveling the world in search of the most physically and mentally challenging endeavors out there.  He does not consider himself a  a professional athlete.  Almost every challenge he undertakes pushes him beyond his limits, but he still perseveres.  He does so in the hopes that in that ultimate hour where he is at the brink if giving in to utter exhaustion, he will learn what lies deep within himself.

Mr. Fumich has a passion for helping his fellow man.  He combines this passion with his passion for adventure, to help worthy causes that touch his heart.  Some of his most worthy pursuits involve disaster relief, running from DC to Boston to raise money for the Boston Marathon Bombing victims, biking across the country for a traumatic brain injury victim, running 350 miles in the Arctic for a little boy with cancer victim, and racing a 1406 mile triathalon for a little girl also fighting cancer.  Today Mr. Fumich has raised more than a quarter of a million dollars for individuals in need.

Mr. Fumich aspires to continue to expand his business while continuing to help those in need.




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Frank Fumich / Express Catering, Inc.