The Shrimp Tank Podcast Boston - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast Boston - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Boston Episode 17 - Justin Real - Founder and CEO of Realplay, Inc

Justin Real / Realplay, Inc.

We created Realplay sports Video technology  in June of 2016 as means of providing every athlete unprecedented access to video of their performance; edited, tagged and posted for them after every game on a user-friendly platform. Our proprietary camera systems are installed at private fields or public institutions to provide season long video for each game played. In an effort to provide the best product to our customers, the cameras are designed to work so that coaches only need to turn them on and enter the starting lineup. The cameras and processor automate all the time-consuming production steps; we remove the cameras at the end of the season.

In these early days of the company we are looking to build our customer base while scaling up to meet the high demand we’ve encountered. We know the market is hungry for our product and want to be able to deliver high quality video to as many passionate parents, players and coaches as possible.

The video we produce is unmatched by competitors from the amateur to professional levels of sports. Our Split-Screen views are meant to not only be the most compelling video a player or coach can review, but the most revealing regarding the mechanics of the athletes. This allows coaches to give the best instruction, and athletes to understand comprehensively how to make the physical adjustments that will help their game.

Players post their highlights and stats on the Realplay recruiting marketplace we describe as the “LinkedIn of Sports.” College recruiters and pro-scouts scour the Realplay player-database to find prospects with substantial video to perform comprehensive analysis and determine if a player is worth pursuing.

We want to lead the movement that shifts the expectations from “if you want video you better be ready for the high price tag”​ to “if you step on the field, the video won’t cost more than your cleats.”​



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Justin Real / Realplay, Inc.