Boston Episode 18 – Reginald Swift – Founder and CEO of Rubix Life Sciences

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Reginald Swift / Rubix Life Sciences

Reginald Swift is the founder and CEO of Rubix Life Sciences, a Lawrence based innovation and development company working to ensure therapeutics and vaccines factor in all patient demographics in an effort to increase product efficacy, health equity and effective patient outcomes. A mechanical engineer by training, Reginald’s wide range of experience includes aerospace and defense, robotics, nuclear technologies, biotechnology/life-sciences and astronautics. He has mentored and supported various start-up and mid-sized organizations in all aspects of engineering and technology. With a passion in health equity innovation, he has focused his efforts with Rubrix to design, develop and deploy systems, structures and policies that will enable access of innovation therapeutics across the board globally. Rubrix is currently focused on developing resources to fight the pandemic.



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Reginald Swift / Rubix Life Sciences