Boston Episode 25 – Elli and Mark Baldwin – President and CEO of Sunways Assisted Living Concierge

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Mark & Elli Baldwin / Sunways Assisted Living Concierge

Mark and Elli Baldwin are a husband and wife team and Co-Founders of Sunways Assisted Living Concierge which is a placement and referral service for Seniors and their Caregivers. They help their clients find care, resources and placement into senior living communities. They created the business and brand from scratch 2 years ago after watching Mark’s Mother navigator the overwhelming process of being a Caregiver for an aging parent. They essentially created the service they wish their family had and knew so many others needed as well.

Mark and Elli’s background is in technology recruiting, and neither one of them had experience as an entrepreneur before starting Sunways. For them, it’s been exciting taking skills and information they’ve acquired in previous roles and applying them to a new industry and company. They’re currently juggling building their brand, while raising their 2 kids ages 7 and 5 and live in Sarasota Florida.



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Mark Baldwin / Sunways Assisted Living Concierge

Elli Baldwin / Sunways Assisted Living Concierge