Boston Episode 3 – Tim Simard & Rebecca Love – FirstMatrix Health

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Tim Simard / FirstMatrix Health

Tim grew up in New Hampshire and went to school at UC Santa Barbara and the University of California in Irvine. He has worked with several different companies varying in size and complexity – from NASA and Ernst & Young to startup visions. Tim has expertise in healthcare, technology, product and program management, big data analytics and strategic partnerships. His goal is to bring the startup mindset to large companies, and to show them how to be agile, nimble, and creative, while also bringing the complex scale and legacy that larger companies have to startups.

As the CEO & founder of FirstMatrix Health, Tim helps to enable more practitioners to deliver patient care and services at a scale which increases access to care and reduces burn-out by improving nurse life-work balance and career choices. FirstMatrix Health is a system that helps nurses create a Nurse-Led-Practice (NLP) which essentially means that a nurse can operate a practice from a single portal. The platform consolidates everything a nurse may need digitally, and makes it possible for them to do their jobs almost anywhere.



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Tim Simard / FirstMatrix Health

Rebecca Love / FirstMatrix Health