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Boston Episode 32 - Jason Lanier - Jason Lanier Photography

Jason Lanier / Jason Lanier Photography

Jason Lanier is an award winning photographer who has traveled the world pursuing his passion for photography.  Without any formal training in photography Jason has grown from a part time hobbyist photographer to one of the best known photographers in the world and also on Youtube. Starting off primarily as a wedding photographer after leaving a lucrative job as an Executive in the hotel industry, Jason has grown to work with companies big and small in the photography industry and was instrumental in helping to make Sony the #1 brand in the world while he worked with them for 4 years as a Sony Artisan of Imagery.

Jason’s educational work to help other photographers pursue their dreams has taken him all over the world teaching workshops, speaking, and helping others grow. In his capacity as the first Master of Light for Rotolight, Jason has grown that brand into one of the leading lighting companies in the world. Jason brings his knowledge and experience from the hotel industry into everything he does in the world of photography both for his own company and for the companies he represents as a spokesperson. His main passion is to help others reach their goals and aspirations so they too can live their dreams.




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Jason Lanier / Jason Lanier Photography