Boston Episode 6 – John Werner – Chief Network Officer at COGO Labs

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John Werner / COGO Labs

John Werner is an innovator, mobilizer, and human connector. He constantly builds community and is a ‘moonshot’ thinker innovating as he goes while incorporating the latest technologies. He believes passionately in 21st century collaborative creativity in innovating with direct human or environmental impact. 

  • Founder or Ideas in Action, Managing Director at Link Ventures, Chief Networking Officer at Cogo Labs
  • Previously was vice president of an augmented reality company
  • Co-founder of non-profit called Citizen Schools
  • Curator of TEDxBeaconStreet – highlights innovative thinking in Boston
  • Was born and raised in New York City
  • Attended Hamilton College as well as Harvard University
  • Warner is a successful photographer- his photography website has 25 million views to date
  • He also is into triathlons, competing at the 70.3 Ironman World Championships 4 times
  • Traveled to India to spearhead the Rethinking Engineering and Design and Kumbhathon Initiatives- this initiative was designed to help provide food and shelter, prevent disease spread, and combat disease spread at Kumbh mela (a massive Hindu pilgrimage) – has a very close relationship with Indian culture
  • In college, he arranged the first ever class-wide final exam strike. A professor proposed that if an entire course simply did not show up to the final exam, he would give everyone an A on the exam.  Every year, somebody would inevitably show up to the exam out of fear.  John was the first student to ever convince an entire class to not show up for the final, hence granting everyone in the class an A on the exam.  He states this moment as the first time he realized his true potential as a leader



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John Werner / COGO Labs