Boston Episode 9 – Frank Casey & Paula Moats – Managing Partners at Casey-Moats Consulting

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Frank Casey / Casey-Moats Consulting

Frank Casey is a 45-year finance veteran, with experience in both alternative investments and hedging corporate/bank risks. He co-founded Casey Moats Consulting as a business development company for commercial real estate, working with developers and investors on capital stack design and funding. His partner Paula Moats has been advising international family offices on institutional grade “off-market” real estate for decades, concentrating on multi-family housing, mixed use hotels/residences and 4-5-star hotels.

Frank also works with Amphi Research & Trading’s Mark Rzepczynski, past Pres/CIO of John W. Henry, the iconic commodities trader, designing alternative investment solutions using bank swaps to replicate hedge fund returns, but with greater transparency, liquidity and reduced fees. Frank has worked with artificial intelligence managers and enjoys disruptive innovation across several verticals from asset management to cyber security.

Mr. Casey was the covert investigatory partner with Harry Markopolos that discovered Bernard Madoff’s fraud in early 1999 and is a co-author of the New York Times best-selling book “No One Would Listen” and the documentary film “Chasing Madoff.  He serves as a fraud advisor to a US Government Agency, and a plaintiff’s expert witness against fraudsters.

In the past, Frank helped build an innovative hedge fund of funds nearly tenfold to $2 billion in assets over 6 years by 2007. In the ‘80s-‘90s, he innovated bank risk management, hedging the nascent mortgage-origination/MBS-pipeline risks arena.  In the ‘70s, Frank was early in using equity-option portfolio management for wealthy clients, and he helped build energy risk-hedging disciplines using the new oil futures exchanges.  Frank served four years in the US Army and was an Airborne-Ranger Qualified Infantry Captain.

Email:;  Cell: 617-777-2796 USA


Paula Moats / Casey-Moats Consulting

Paula Moats. Paula has developed an outstanding proprietary client base of clients, partners and funding sources including domestic and off shore institutions, sovereign funds, ultra-high net worth individuals, private equity and venture capital funds, merchant banks and hedge funds in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Paula’s specialty is institutional real estate from $50MM-$1,000MM, mostly multi-family housing, commercial RE and mixed-use 4-5 star hotels/residences in gateway cities. Her previous firms include E.F. Hutton, Brown Brothers Harriman, Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney and Lehman Brothers. She is a graduate of Bryn Mawr cum laude and serves on many not for profit and civic Boards.

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Frank Casey / Casey-Moats Consulting

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