Central PA Ep. 12 – Henry Zumbrun – Morehouse Instruments
Central PA

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Henry Zumbrun / Morehouse Instruments

Henry Zumbrun is president of Morehouse Instrument Company.  The key to our success is offering products with the lowest measurement uncertainties available.  Ultimately, this helps our customer base make more accurate measurements, which saves on cost, reduces risk, and increases quality.

His passion is to help any lab make better force measurements. I want to explain error sources and how to use this knowledge so that you can make better measurements.  There are so many labs out there who take short cuts or do not follow the proper guidelines and they may be calibrating your equipment. This equipment may then be responsible for bridges collapsing, product failures, or satellites exploding. These measurements are serious. If you want to improve your force or torque measurements, Henry can help you.



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Henry Zumbrun / Morehouse Instruments