The Shrimp Tank - Central PA
The Shrimp Tank - Central PA
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Bryan Majors / Major Prep LLC, Bryan Majors LLC, Major Prep Apparel, Major Prep Cycle Breakers (501C3) and author of Training for Triumph

Bryan is a native Harrisburg PA. He graduated from John Harris in 2006 with a 3.9 GPA and was a starting point guard for the Harrisburg Cougars for two years. Bryan was a amazing students athlete growing up and a member of the School of Business and Industry (SBI Program).

Bryan took his education and athletic abilities to Susquehanna University after being offered an academic scholarship. Bryan graduated from Susquehanna University in 2010 with a 3.6 GPA and was the first African American male to earn a degree in elementary education from that institution.  In addition to academic success, he had an outstanding basketball career – earning recognition as Rookie of the Year, two time conference Defensive Player of the Year, career leader in assists, second leader in steals, two year captain and four year starter.

Bryan later took his mind and vision to Penn State University – Harrisburg and earned a Master of Public Administration degree with a concentration on Non-Profit Organizations.  While attending Penn State, Bryan was a graduate assistant with the basketball team and worked as an assistant to the athletic director.

While attending Penn State, Bryan began laying the foundations for Major Prep LLC, Bryan Majors LLC, Major Prep Apparel & Major Prep Cycle Breakers (501C3). Based on leaders, values, morals & characteristics taught by his father about always being prepared for life’s opportunities and challenges, Bryan developed the organizations with the mission to help others be prepared to address individual obstacles that undermine the achievement of life goals.

All of the brands are focused on strategies to effectively identify and address each individual’s needs by promoting a positive self-image, establishing a strong work ethic, and general healthy lifestyle across all ages and demographics.

Now as a retired professional basketball player, basketball coach, Bryan has solely embraced his entrepreneurial journeys as an Amazon Best Selling Author, College Professor, Leadership & Character Development Coach and Entrepreneur.


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Bryan Majors / Major Prep LLC, Bryan Majors LLC, Major Prep Apparel, Major Prep Cycle Breakers (501C3) and author of Training for Triumph