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Central PA Episode #61 - Mark and Karen Ackley: Local Owners of Next Door Photo - Susquehanna Valley

Mark & Karen Ackley / Local Owners of Next Door Photo – Susquehanna Valley

Mark and Karen Ackley are the local owners of Next Door Photos – Susquehanna Valley. Next Door Photos (NDP) is a real estate photography company that empowers realtors, business owners, and home builders with visual marketing solutions (floorplans, 3D tours, virtual walk-throughs, etc)

Recognized as a Certified B-Corporation, NDP has found a way to utilize the power of technology to provide sustainable work for vulnerable people groups around the world, while simultaneously delivering incredible imagery/products to serve agents throughout the country. The team believes deeply in the principle of people over profits.

The Susquehanna Valley location launched at the beginning of 2020 and this region is just getting started. The goal of the company is to provide work for up to 10,000 editing partners over the next 7 years while the Ackley’s personal goal is to bring on an additional 10+ media professionals within the next 3 years. The local growth will, in turn, allow this region to be a major player as it contributes to the company’s overall mission.



Nathan Imboden Questmont

George Book, Jr. / West Chamber of Commerce

Mark Ackley / Next Door Photo – Susquehanna Valley

Karen Ackley / Next Door Photo – Susquehanna Valley