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Finding the Best Media Strategy for Your Business - Maureen Williams

Maureen Williams / Monarch Media Solutions, LLC

With over twenty years in the media industry Maureen loves creating effective and efficient media plans to help clients grow their business. She digs deeply into the analytics and research to find the best media mix that matches the client’s goals and will drives results.

Maureen founded Monarch Media Solutions in 2012 after eight years working at other media buying and full-service agencies. As the owner of Monarch Media Solutions, Maureen works with clients in a variety of industries locally, regionally, and nationally. She consistently delivers added value for clients by working to negotiate opportunities such as lower spot costs, sponsorships, promotional campaigns, and bonus ads.

Outside of life at Monarch, Maureen actively gives back to the community through volunteer service. She is a member of the Dillsburg Area Business Association, the West Shore Chamber of Commerce, is a longstanding member and national volunteer for Sertoma, Inc., as well as a supporter of the American Lung Association and other non-profits serving our area.



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Maureen Williams / Monarch Media Solutions, LLC