Central PA Special Edition #10 – In the Crosshairs of Corona with Scott Singer
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Scott Singer / Level Up Wellness Performance and Recovery

Scott Singer was born and raised in Harrisburg PA. From an early age, he gained valuable experience working in his family business, Singer Athletic Wear and Emblem Co. Scott attended Arizona State University where he earned a BS in Finance. After graduating he returned to Harrisburg to work in the family business, but decided to enter the corporate world instead. After brief stints with Rite Aid and Merrill Lynch, he joined AMP (now Tyco Electronics) as a business analyst where he worked from ’87-’01. Scott lost his job in ’01 after the corporate takeover by Tyco. At that time, he decided to make a complete career shift and became a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS). He went to work for Joyner Sportsmedicine in outpatient physical therapy. After 3 years with Joyner, Scott went on to open his own sports performance and fitness training business, First Team Fitness LLC, which is still in operation today. In 2012 he added on-court basketball skill development to his training services as Next Level Basketball Performance Academy. Scott continues to look for new ways to grow and is excited to embark on a new chapter under the umbrella of First Team Fitness, LLC.

Having spent the last 19 years helping people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, Scott is more passionate than ever about helping people become the best versions of themselves physically. He continues to look for new and innovative ways to serve his clients and refine his training techniques.


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Scott Singer / Level Up Wellness Performance & Recovery