Central PA Special Edition #13 – In the Crosshairs of Corona with Tracy Salinger
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Tracy Salinger / President & CEO of Unique Limousine

Tracy Salinger is a force of nature.  She’s got curly red hair, her mom’s blue/green eyes, and that fiery spirit that’ll go toe to toe with the devil and laugh about it.  Best of all, there’s always a smile on her face, and she is making every moment count.

Born the third girl out of four, growing up she felt like she was the “middle child” in the family.  She wasn’t one of the big kids, and definitely not one of the little kids either, so she found her way in a more independent and inquisitive fashion.  Quickly, she learned that she heard not only a different drum, but a different band altogether.  That suited her to a “T”.

As a teen, she realized she liked having some money in her pocket and asked her dad if he had any work she could do at the office.  At the ripe age of 14, her career in business began.   She learned the in’s and out’s of the family businesses, and continued until her early 20’s when she took a couple year break.  Realizing that there’s truly nothing like a family company, she returned, and has been at Unique Limousine ever since.

In September of 2018, she made settlement with her parents to officially carry the company into the second generation.  As the President and CEO, she’s got her hands and heart full with her extended work family.  Her primary goal is to focus on making every moment count when it comes to helping her clients and her work family be successful in whatever they choose to do.

Tracy has been married to Fred since 2003.  Together, they have two amazing Jack Russell’s, Manny Mo and Molly Moo.  They enjoy cooking, art and fast cars.  When they can squeeze the time together, you’ll likely find them on the island of St. Martin, relaxing.  Yes, it does happen every now and then.


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Tracy Salinger / Unique Limousine