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Central PA Special Edition #21 - In the Crosshairs of Corona with Corrie Leister


Corrie Leister / Owner & Artist at Inspired by U

Hi, I’m Corrie! Taking old, abandoned, broken, and run-down things and making them beautiful again is my passion. My path is not the way I had envisioned it when I was younger. It’s been one long, winding road that has brought me my deepest sorrows and greatest joys. Through it all, I can see God’s hand working to bring me to this place where I’m able to do what I love and help others in the process.

I chose the name Inspired By U because I want our customers to play a part in the end product. I love to sit down with my clients to capture their vision, and then help to bring that vision to life. Being able to use the gifts I’ve been given to bring great joy to others is the best feeling in the world.

Over the years, we have grown significantly, and our numbers have increased over 24 times of what they were in 2015. In need of some help, I somehow managed to bring on some of the most incredible people to join the Inspired By U Team. With the help of Patricia Fleisher, Shannon Costill, Keri Bruhn, and Melissa Lorello, we refinish a set of kitchen cabinets every week and love to squeeze in furniture projects when we can.

Our newest adventure is the release of our industrial coating line- Inspired By U Coatings! We have partnered with Milesi Wood Coatings and Clark Deco to offer industrial coatings in quart sizes to DIYers, furniture artists and cabinet refinishers. During Covid-19, we decided to release this product line to give my children and I something to do together and bring in some income to balance what we were losing. The results have far-surpassed all of my expectations and I’m so excited about the future! We continue to focus on serving others and providing a great product, and our cup is always filled. You can check out our online shop at

We have recently started leasing a space in downtown Mechanisburg, PA to utilize as a workshop space and a retail store where people will be able to purchase our IBU Coatings along with fun apparel, accessories, and sundries. We will be open to the public on Tuesdays from 9am-3pm, Thursdays from 12pm-7pm, and Saturdays from 9am-12pm starting on Tuesday, June 16. Come and visit us!

In addition to all the wonderful doors that have been opened with our painting business, I admin the group Kitchen Cabinet Painting Experts- a group for DIYers who want to get expert advice on how to go about the process. My admin team is a collection of some of the greatest minds in the refinishing industry and I’m blessed to associate with and learn from them daily. I also admin the KCPE Mastermind group for professional cabinet refinishers- a group for professionals who share knowledge to raise each other up. My definition of success is how many others can I help become successful, and this is a platform where we’re able to help so many others take their business to new levels. I love surrounding myself with other like-minded, growth-oriented professionals as we sharpen each other daily.

If you wish to view my portfolio, just head over to my Instagram account


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Corrie Leister / Inspired By U