The Shrimp Tank - Charleston
The Shrimp Tank - Charleston
Charleston Ep. 7 - Kevin Flounders - CEO at SIB Fixed Cost Reduction

Kevin Flounders / SIB Fixed Cost Reduction

With 25 years in the telecom industry, Kevin Flounders recently assumed the role of CEO at SIB Fixed Cost Reduction in March of this year. SIB Fixed Cost Reduction specializes in reducing monthly expenses for companies. They take a months’ worth of your companies’ invoices and analyze them to check for billing errors and ensure contract compliance. Then they connect with your vendors to negotiate savings. If SIB doesn’t find you savings, they don’t get paid. SIB has worked with Fortune 500 companies, restaurant groups, hotel groups, regional banks, senior living groups, health systems, grocery stores, retail chains and everything in between.





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Kevin Flounders / SIB Fixed Cost Reduction