The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Claudia Leonardo - Nick's Fish Dive and Oyster Bar

Claudia HeadshotClaudia Leonardo/ Nick’s Fish Dive and Oyster Bar 

Claudia Leonardo  has over 25 years’ experience in various branches of creative design and catering industry. For over 10 years she served  as director of planning and design for the top leader in the fashion industry and clothing in Mexico working and partnering with The Julio Group. And during this time developed  the  brand concept doing the work of planning, design and procurement based in Paris, France and Milan, Italy. At the same time, Claudia grew the market  boutiques in the southeast of the country  becoming owner and managing/operating four entities in different states  of the Republic with 8 stores.

15 years ago she began to collaborate in different design of restaurants and later participated as coordinator of special events and public relations for various concepts  AM Restauranteros Mexico, where  she was partner and operator of the company which came to grow into an important  holding of 24 restaurants, where  she still owns. Some of these are Bar Tomate,  Ozaka, Cuines, Luca, La Bocha among others. In 2007 she moved to the United States and opened  two concepts in The Woodlands, TX. Known as La Lupita Mexican Cuisine and Bar and Luca & Leonardo  Ristorante  Italiano. However, with the entrepreneurial mindset she realizes that concepts  should be adapted  to the local market demand and converted the concept I  00% Mexican to the concept  Tex-Mex partnering with the famous Cyclone Anaya Mexican Kitchen group and developing the new concept Nick’s Fish Dive & Oyster  Bar and currently operates as president  of the company.

Claudia is an active member  on the  board of the family business, the leader in South American markets within the  pharmaceutical  industry named Comercializadora  Farmaceutica of Chiapas and operats under the  brand “Farmacias del Ahorro” (pharmacy of the savings); comparable  to CVS and Walgreens in the U.S. Each facility in South America employs an on site Doctor and staff and administers care and services to  millions of South Americans annually. The Company was formed  by her father  30 years ago and is still owned  by the family which operates more than 2,000 facilities across  the countries.  Her families’ facility operating brands are the largest Pharmacy operations and health care providers  in South America, giving jobs to more  than  15,000 employees.

Given her considerable restaurant and design experience and passion for the industry, Claudia is substantially qualified and is partnering  with Cristopher to advance concepts  development, as purposed,  and The Grove  is an organic growth  of such partnering.  All of AM Restauranteros concepts are high-end European  mainly and fresh farm to market and ocean to table products,  similar to Cristopher’s experience and concepts.  Proprietary  ideas of each, especially from  Bar Tomate and other higher end concepts will be used to frame the design and personation  of The Grove.



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