Craig Price & Sean McFarlin – Southern Mobile Homes
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Craig Price & Sean McFarlin / Southern Mobile Homes

At SouthernMH Mobile Homes, we buy and sell mobile homes, regular houses, and land too. Our dealership is licensed to sell manufactured homes, transport and install them. We have experience in every aspect of the process: Buying, Selling, Renting, Financing, Moving, New Development, Repairs, Site Preparation. If you have land, we have helped hundreds of customers get a home setup. The benefit to mobile homes, is it happens much more quickly than building a site-built home and at a fraction of the cost per sq. ft!


Craig Price is a serial entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and co-owner of Southern MH Mobile Homes who started his first business in college selling T-shirts and novelties to the campus bookstores and the college games but always saw Real Estate as his future. By 2012 Craig was a full time Real Estate Investor buying houses to rent, wholesale and flip. In his pursuits, he came across a mobile home that he purchased that needed to be moved and that led him to an Investor meeting focused on Mobile Homes where he met his future business partner Sean McFarlin. They partnered on that deal and quickly found other projects and within 6 months of that meeting they had purchased a 17 acre tract of land where their current dealership is located in Conroe and since then have bought and sold hundreds of mobile homes, land and traditional houses.


Sean McFarlin is an avid real estate investor and co-owner of SouthernMH Mobile Homes, a mobile home dealership located in Conroe, TX. He started buying mobile homes and real estate in 2012 and joined local real estate clubs to gain knowledge and experience. After 13 months of investing, he replaced his income from his Full-Time job and was able to “retire” and focus his efforts on his passion which was gaining more passive income by buying more properties. In 2015 Sean met Craig Price at a real estate meeting and with Craig’s expertise in Real Estate and Sean’s expertise in mobile homes, they soon found a perfect match and partnered on several deals and decided to go into business together.



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