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Diana Smeland - President of Port Ludlow Associates

Diana Smeland / Port Ludlow Associates

Diana Smeland became President of Port Ludlow Associates in 2007, after serving as the interim President during 2006.  Smeland has a long career in the financial arena, starting with Weyerhaeuser, moving to Pope Resources, then to Controller for Port Ludlow Associates. She was promoted to CFO in 2004.

Diana worked on many different aspects of finance, from running the financial operations to setting up international companies. Smeland gained valuable experiences in working with different cultures and diverse business groups. A much needed skill set as Port Ludlow Associates has three major lines of business: Hospitality, Utilities and Developer/Home Builder.

Diana is married to Gary and lives in Poulsbo.  She is an Executive Board member and Treasurer of the Olympic College Foundation and is a founding member of the Excell Puget Sound group.



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Diana Smeland / Port Ludlow Associates

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