The Shrimp Tank Podcast Arkansas - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast Arkansas - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Dr. Jim Karrh - Founder of Managing the Message

Dr. Jim Karrh / Managing the Message

Dr. Jim Karrh is an expert at helping business professionals, teams, and entire organizations lead more effective conversations with customers, clients, members, donors, and other stakeholders.

Jim’s award-winning column, “Karrh On Marketing,” has been a staple in Arkansas Business since 2001. He is also a featured blogger for the American Marketing Association’s Executive Circle, and appears regularly in publications such as Entrepreneur, Attorney At Law Magazine and the Memphis Business Journal. Jim is a popular keynote speaker at national and regional events such as the Professional Convention Management Association, Packaging That Sells and the Chief Marketing Officer Summit.

Jim’s education includes an MBA from Duke University, where his classmates elected him to be Class Speaker at graduation. Little did they know what they were unleashing!

Jim began as a junior banker in New York City, then escaped to buy and run two small-market radio stations—which began his affinity for coffee. He sold the stations, went to the University of Florida for a Ph.D., and began a university teaching career. Jim later gave up a tenured position at UALR to join the management team buying Mountain Valley Spring Company. By his second year the company’s marketing and PR program was judged best in the entire global bottled water industry. Jim knows you don’t have to be the biggest in order to be the best.

Today Jim is a consultant, coach, and professional speaker. He has helped clients on three continents, including associations, small businesses, high-growth tech firms, North America’s largest martial-arts organization, and a dozen members of the Fortune 500.

Jim knows you don’t have to be a Ph.D., an extrovert, or a brilliant conversationalist to bring your stories to life. It just involves a process he calls “Managing the Message.”



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Dr. Jim Karrh / Managing the Message

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