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Dr. Peter Lehmann - Owner of Vintage Direct Primary Care

Dr. Peter Lehmann / Vintage Direct Primary Care

Dr. Peter Lehmann is a Board-Certified Family Physician who has practiced Family Medicine since 1996 as a shareholder owner of Doctors Clinic, a privately owned multispecialty group of 60+ physicians in Kitsap County, providing fee for service traditional outpatient medical care.

Observing increasing physician burnout and growing patient dissatisfaction with the fee for service payment model, Dr. Lehmann in the fall of 2014 started looking at options for a medical practice model that would be better for both physicians and patients.  He became convinced that using insurance to pay for primary care made that otherwise straightforward care both complicated and expensive.  Primary care doctors need more and more staff to manage increasingly complex claims and follow burdensome regulations. To cover these costs the volume of patients pushed through “the system” has gone higher and higher.  Patients have come to pay more than they should, wait too long for appointments to open, wait too long in waiting rooms and spend too little time face to face with their doctor.

Vintage Direct Primary Care (DPC), Dr. Lehmann’s solo practice, was born out of two years of research and planning, becoming the “value-driven”, as opposed to “volume-driven”, solution he had searched for.  He opened his doors January 1st, 2016. DPC makes primary care simple and affordable. Patients contract directly with the clinic for a set monthly fee, paid by the patient to the clinic.  The average monthly fee is between $50-$60.  Patients can utilize services as often as needed or wanted, with no copayments.  Because physician reimbursement is no longer tied to an in-office visit, Vintage DPC takes advantage of technology to offer medical care via text, email, secure messaging and telemedicine visits. House calls are available when appropriate.  80-90% of patient care needs can be met utilizing this practice model.

Vintage DPC has negotiated cash prices for lab tests, typically 90-95% less than “insurance prices”. We call these the REAL PRICES ($3 to $4 per test). We purchase and keep in stock generic medications which we can dispense to our patients at wholesale prices.  We’ve negotiated steeply discounted cash prices for CT scans and MRIs. Patients still use insurance for specialists visits or hospitalizations if serious, costly medical problems develop. Vintage Direct Primary Care offers care for chronic medical conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, acute medical care (cuts, sprains, strains and minor illnesses that might otherwise have resulted in costly urgent care visits), over 20 common office procedures, as well as online consultations with specialists in major medical centers throughout the US.  All these services are covered by the monthly membership fee.

Direct Primary Care is “revolutionary” old fashioned medicine.



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Dr. Peter Lehmann / Vintage Direct Primary Care

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