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Ep. 119 - Chip & Lynn Sweatte - Strength, Conditioning & Fitness

Chip Sweatte / Southeastern Body Fat Tests, LLC

Chip is a 1980 graduate of North Georgia College with a Masters Degree from Embry Riddle. He commissioned into the United States Army in 1981 where he served 21 plus years on active duty. After retirement Chip, along with his wife Lynn, owned and operated Chestatee Engineering, a remolding and lawn maintenance business. In 2005 Chip became the Recruiting Operations Officer for North Georgia College and State University. In 2010 Chip helped start the first Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, (JROTC), unit at the high school in his hometown. It was during this period as a JROTC Instructor that he and Lynn started Dawson CrossFit and North Georgia Body Fat Testing. Today, Chip is fully retired and with his wife, own and operate Dawson CrossFit, CrossFit Dahlonega and Southeastern Body Fat Testing. Chip is married to Lynn Sweatte and has two adult children, Heather and John along with three grandchildren, Lyra, Elliott and Quinn.


Lynn Sweatte / Southeastern Body Fat Tests, LLC

Lynn feels she is so blessed – far beyond what she could ever deserve. She has a wonderful, loving husband who, by her accounts, has done everything in his power to make all her dreams come true for the past 36 years. He’s taken her on wild adventures from Alaska to the Mojave Desert and made it possible for her to own and race a Formula race car. Lynn & Chip gave birth to 2 amazing children, Heather and John, and through their childrens’ wise and loving choices in marriage, they acquired 2 more amazing children, Chris and Lauren and 3 beautiful, loving and brilliant granddaughters. (Yes, that’s Grammy talkin’.)

Lynn’s been some kind of teacher/trainer all of her life. She was a swimming instructor and coach, and a Girl Scout leader of the northern most girl scout troop in America (Fairbanks, Alaska.) She has taught every grade, k-12 (except 5th??) and taught at the Command & General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth, KS. After 18 or was it 19 moves (?? does it matter J ) in their first 21 years of marriage, Lynn & Chip moved to Dawsonville where she finished her teaching career at Dawson County Middle School.

Lynn & Chip had been Crossfitting for about 2 years and had experienced life-changing results in health and wellness and she & Chip wanted to share this with their neighbors and friends who live and work in the Dawson County community so they opened Dawson Crossfit. It is a source of great friendship and because Crossfit is adaptable for every person of every age, shape, size and ability, it is totally inclusive. ANY & EVERYONE is welcome to come try out a class!



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Lynn Sweatte / Southeastern Body Fat Tests LLC

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