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Ep. 122 - Matt Bravo & Stosh Cohen - Making Mortgage Lending Easy

Matt Bravo / Syngulet

Matt Bravo is one of the co-founders of LCB Golf Concepts and Syngulet, as well as one of the inventors of Putter Pong. He became an entrepreneur at age 19 while attending Kennesaw State University. Matt was an active fraternity member, philanthropist, and business owner during his career at KSU. He graduated from KSU at age 20 and began law school at The University of Mississippi; however, he put his education on hold and moved back to Atlanta when LCB Golf Concepts raised their seed funding. Matt is now resides in Dunwoody, and enjoys playing the guitar and watching college football in his spare time.


Stosh Cohen / Syngulet

Stosh Cohen is the analytical mind behind LCB Golf Concepts and Syngulet. He is a man of many talents. In addition to being a co-founder of both businesses, he also maintains a real estate license and invests regularly. Stosh is also a graduate of Kennesaw State, earning both his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Accounting. Stosh currently resides in Marietta with his girlfriend and their dog, Ace.




Chris Hanks / KSU EC

Ted Jenkin /Oxygen Financial

Matt Bravo / Syngulet

Stosh Cohen / Syngulet

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