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Ep. 129 - Jamie Hillegass & Erin Rehm - Marketing & Growing A Business

Jamie Hillegass / GRITS Brewing

Jamie Hillegass is the co-founder of GRITS Brewing, and the big picture, crazy ideas person. She likes to “white board” (as she calls it) ideas to continue to build the brand and innovate. She has never met something she couldn’t paint. Her day job is in Organizational Development, focusing on HR Strategy and Process Improvement. Jamie prefers sour beers, the more tart the better.



Erin Rehm / GRITS Brewing

Erin Rehm is the CFO and co-founder of GRITS Brewing, a brewery in planning in Chamblee, GA.  She has over 10 years of Finance and Operations Strategy experience in the healthcare industry. Her day job funds her passion for good beer and entrepreneurial tenacity. While always willing to try a new style of beer, her favorites are West Coast IPAs and fruited Berliner Weisses.



Chris Hanks / KSU EC

Ted Jenkin /Oxygen Financial

Jamie Hillegass / GRITS Brewing

Erin Rehm / GRITS Brewing

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