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Ep. 132 - Brian Borngesser - Adapting to Change

Brian Borngesser / Gate City Brewing Company

Brian is a Metairie, Louisiana native, but after moves to Texas, Mississippi, and Tennessee (all before the age of 10) he finally made it to Georgia. Brian and his family moved to Roswell in 2009 and quickly fell in love with the community. Having always had a love for craft beer, Brian fondly recalls visiting Georgia’s first craft breweries more than 12 years ago and instantly feeling a connection to the industry. Brian began home brewing then, where he learned the science (and art) behind the brewing process. From those marathon brewing sessions came some of the beers Gate City currently offers. At Gate City, Brian spans the business side and the operations side.  You’ll find him brewing beer one day and running financial reports the next. In his free time, you’ll find Brian with his wife and two girls or spending time being involved in the Roswell community.

Gate City’s name derives from Atlanta, Georgia’s nickname, the “Gate City.” As early as the 1800s, Atlanta has been the center of commerce in the south. Once known as Terminus, Atlanta served as a hub for railroads heading north, to the port of Savannah, south, and ultimately west. A dream realized by co-founders Brian Borngesser and Pat Rains, Gate City Brewing is a humble (& tasty) testament to the power of independence and value of resilience.

Despite supporting a magnetic restaurant culture and dynamic arts environment, Roswell was once long without a craft brewery. Our growing city is now a burgeoning craft beer haven in the north metro area of a state with nearly fifty. At Gate City Brewing, we take immense pride in having, shall we say, broken the seal. As our city and the families within continue to develop, our brewhouse, taproom and taplist do the same. We strive to brew remarkable beers with unshakable, independent roots. Thank you for your interest in our journey; it wouldn’t be the same without you.



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Brian Borngesser / Gate City Brewing Company


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