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Ep. 133 - Jeff Lignugaris - Equipment Rental Industry

Jeff Lignugaris / Northside Tool Rental

As a serial entrepreneur Jeff has launched, purchased, developed and sold a number of businesses in Atlanta. He has deep experience in managing projects, people and processes. He is passionate about being involved in the larger industries in which he participates. As a 4th generation Atlantan, and a 32 year resident of the inner city, Jeff is equally passionate about their local quality of life. As President of Northside Tool Rental, Jeff has strengthened their brand presence in the local builders community, developed sophisticated business analysis, implemented career pathway strategies for employees, and strengthened their web presence, among many other initiatives.



Chris Hanks / KSU EC

Ted Jenkin /Oxygen Financial

Clint CroweKSU EC
(KSU Graduate)

Jeff Lignugaris / Northside Tool Rental


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