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Ep. 134 - Dean Ruiz Fung-a-Wing & Seth Taylor - Leadership in Entrepreneurship

Dean Ruiz Fung-a-Wing / Kairos IoT

Creative & Technical Leader, Founder, Inventor, and Entrepreneur. He is a well-rounded leader having business experience in applied science and technology, commercial/residential financing, and professional arts. He is the current owner of a multi-state service company, Appliance Dean. Having serviced over 13,000 customers personally; his experience with the problem of water damage caused by leaks validates his most recent venture’s product market fit. His evaluated experience will give Kairos IoT a truly unique competitive advantage in the future market growth for IoT. He and his wife Gabrielle have been married for going on 12 years and reside in Kennesaw, Ga with their 4 children.


Seth Taylor / Kairos IoT

Formerly an innovation coach and product marketer at AT&T with experience in emerging enterprises, smart cities & IoT innovations. Previously worked in the aerospace industry on the design, modeling, simulation and testing of conceptual aircraft for various government agencies and commercial clients. Seth, and his wife and son, live in Decatur, Georgia.





Chris Hanks / KSU EC

Ted Jenkin /Oxygen Financial

Joey RuseKSU EC
(KSU Graduate)

Dean Ruiz Fung-a-Wing / Kairos IoT


Seth Taylor / Kairos IoT


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