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Ep. 146 - Angela Rehkop - Golf for the Kids

Angela Rehkop / Golf for the Kids

Angela Rehkop started golfing about 13 years ago, and soon founded Golf for the Kids in 2007 as a one time event to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. They had so much fun and did so well that once was not enough for the Sponsors, and it became an annual event.

Co-Chairperson, Mark McKenzie joined in, and they developed the Advisory Board. In year, 10, they brought the tournament home by naming AFLAC Children’s Cancer Center at CHOA as a benefactor. The first $15,000 provides a new dedicated service dog to the facility. It’s close to her heart and she is excited that this year Scarlet Oak will be a part of this annual October event.



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Angela Rehkop / Golf for the Kids

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